Snacks and Oral Wellness

Snacks and Oral Wellness

by Shearly (SU)

It is no myth that what you eat affects your overall health, and this fact is narrowed in when it comes to your oral health. Different foods affect your teeth, enamels, tissue, and glands differently. Some can help your oral health and some can really cause damage. Here are some suggestions that will improve your overall oral health:

Avoid Sugars

Sugar can be bad for you, but refined white sugar can be really bad for your teeth. White sugar contains molecules that can adhere to the tiny bumps on the surface of your teeth. Here bacteria can live and thrive easily, especially if left unchecked. The byproducts of the bacteria are acidic, which can wear down teeth enamel. This can further lead to complications such as cavities, increased sensitivity, abscesses, mouth sores, gingivitis, and tooth decay.

Eat Vitamin Rich Foods

Vitamins are key to keeping your oral health. Vitamin D, for example, helps the body absorb calcium. Calcium then ensures your teeth remain healthy and strong. Vitamin D rich foods include dairy products, such as milk, orange juice, soy, and cheese. Vitamin C can also help reduce inflammation, as it strengthens blood vessels. Food rich in Vitamin C includes citrus, berries, broccoli, and tomatoes.

Crunchy Food

Crunchy food, other than being oddly satisfying, is actually great for your oral health. The crunchiness helps polish the surface of your teeth, gently removing plaque and tartar buildup. Crunchy foods include carrots, cucumber, lettuce, and cereals.

Foods High in Water Content

Water is important, but specially for your oral health. Drinking plenty of water helps the body flush out bacteria away from the tongue, cheeks, throat, and gums. Flushing out bacteria before they cause infections and illnesses is one of the best ways to remain healthy! Foods that are rich in water content include watermelons, grapes, oranges, and cucumbers.

Eat Mineral Rich Foods

As your teeth are made of minerals, mineral-rich foods help keep your teeth balanced and healthy. Some of the most important minerals for your oral health include calcium and phosphorus. Some mineral rich foods include cheese, yogurt, tofu, and almonds.

Most of us snack several times throughout the day, and it is important that when we do snack, what we snack on actually helps keep us healthy. The reality is that most of us, do not follow this type of diet. It is important that we do, however, brush our teeth twice daily and floss to maintain healthy and happy teeth and gums. It is also important we visit our dentist twice yearly to ensure that any plaque or tartar buildup is removed, as well as ensure there are no complications with our oral health. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Marion, call us today at (724)452-4300!