Put on Pink for Breast Cancer Research

Put on Pink for Breast Cancer Research

by Yenny (SU)

About one in eight women (about 12 percent) will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. And with an estimated 266,120 new cases projected by the American Cancer Society to be diagnosed in 2018, there’s no better time than this special month to raise awareness about this disease. 

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), which is an annual international health campaign focused on raising awareness of the condition, as well as raising funds for research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment – and, most importantly, toward discovering a cure for breast cancer.

Marion Smile Center Team Touched by Kayla Schmader, Diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 28 Years Old

Two Marion Smile Center's dental assistants, Chelsea Guy and Stephanie Bonzo's, childhood best friend Kayla was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy this past year. Glimmer of Hope, an organization that has raised over $3M for breast cancer projects in the western Pennsylvania area. For Kayla, mother of two, this organization provided hope and support during her diagnosis. Marion Smile Center is proud to join efforts with Kayla and Glimmer of Hope to help provide support for more young women going through this diagnosis. 

Preventing Breast Cancer with Early Detection 

Early detection is vital to optimal outcomes with breast cancer, and NBCAM raises awareness for the importance of mammography. This is a screening tool that can detect a tumor before it has surfaced and before it can be felt by you or your physician.

Only 67 percent of women over age 40 (the age group that the American Cancer Society advocates to have yearly mammogram screenings) actually report having undergone the procedure in the past two years. It’s quite a sobering statistic when you consider the lives that could be saved if more women had this procedure done. 

Here’s where offices like Marion Smile Center are stepping in harnessing the power of social media marketing for the greater good, the Put on Pink campaign is challenging businesses such as ours to promote our practice while participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Supporting a cause that we believe in, Dr. Marion and staff are inviting our clients to join the Put on Pink campaign and encourage the women in our lives to get screened regularly for breast cancer. 

Promoting Charity for Our Community 

Starting October 1st, we will be encouraging our patients to post social media photos in our office while wearing pink. Marion Smile Center will make a donation for every check-in, like, post, or tagged photos toward the Glimmer of Hope Foundation. Don’t have any pink in your wardrobe? No problem – our office will be stocked with an array of pink props and creative pink trinkets. 

Proof that our dedication to the public stems beyond crafting picture-perfect smiles, this cause is just one of many charitable campaigns that our practice has participated in on our quest for a brighter tomorrow.

Our other crowning achievements (pun intended!) include raising over $39,000 for the Smiles for Life Foundation, which has set up dental clinics in impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic and other regions and helping develop the community of Zelienople. $20,000 of the funds raised stayed within the local Zelienople community to benefit the new Zelienople pool, park, and library. 

Trusted Dentistry in Pittsburgh 

For more information about Dr. Marion or about the Put on Pink campaign and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, contact our office today.

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