The Benefits of Digital Dentures: The Future of Dentistry is in 3-D

The Benefits of Digital Dentures: The Future of Dentistry is in 3-D


3-D printing has revolutionized numerous industries – real estate with the launch of 3-D printed homes, dramatic cakes courtesy of 3-D sugar printers, and even dentistry – which now utilizes the revolutionary technology to craft precise molds of teeth for a superior fit.

For many, dentures conjure up images of old teeth in a cup; but since the advent of digital dentures, they’ve taken on a whole new purpose. Dentures are in high demand. As of 2015, 175 million Americans were missing at least one tooth. Whether it be due to lack of resources, lack of time, or a fear of the dentist – foregoing dental care can lead to missing teeth. Luckily, digital dentures present a myriad of benefits for those who are challenged in this area. No, these are not digital in the sense of digital music – these dentures are designed and mapped out on a computer to fabricate a precise fit.

Instant gratification is something that so many people place importance on. In a world that celebrates fast food, Cliff Notes, and direct deposit pay, there’s no doubt that a quick fix seems enticing. Unlike traditional dentures, which required a 30-day wait period for creation of a mold, companies such as PALA are able to craft custom-made digital dentures in around 10 days. The chair-time is significantly shorter, as well – 2.5x swifter, to be exact. Plus, most digital dentures only require an initial consultation and a final fitting. 

Many people consider the dentures of yester-year bulky and ill-fitting, but cutting-edge technology has transformed the art of tooth aesthetics. In lieu of the wax try-on required of old methods, digital dentures harness the power of CAD/CAM computing technology to capture thousands of digital measurements. The result is a perfectly accurate prosthetic product. Additionally, they replicate soft mouth tissue for unrivaled comfort. Best of all, all of this is completed in fewer visits – saving you and the dentist both time and money.

Similar to the way social media saves our preferences, and delivery services “know” our favorite takeout orders, digital printing for dentures provides peace of mind in the form of saved files. So, if you were to lose or damage your new dentures – a new pair is just a click away thanks to digital records of your prosthesis. 

Many dentist and prosthodontist offices are gravitating toward this technology for its ease-of-use. AvaDent, another company producing this variety of dentures says that no special computer skills are required to craft these products, and the digital design controls are user-friendly. This means there’s less room for human error (which can sometimes occur with the wax molds).

If you’ve avoided the dentist due to limited options, it’s time to see the difference that digital dentures can make. In addition to making eating and drinking easier, they’ll restore your confidence by enhancing your overall appearance. 

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