Why You Need to Visit the Dentist in July

Why You Need to Visit the Dentist in July


Summer is the time for fun in the sun, camp and beach days, but it’s also when parents cram in the necessary medical appointments for their kids before scheduling becomes an issue. Visiting the dentist before school starts is one of your most important responsibilities. Here is why you should consider visiting the dentist in July.


Missing school is becoming less of an option for today’s kids, especially considering block scheduling where a child might only have three classes per day that last nearly two-hours each. Skipping class for even a legitimate reason like visiting the dentist is less appealing. Who wants to make up for so much lost time? That’s why July is the perfect time to visit the dentist.


Certain procedures performed by your child’s dentist may take extra time; for instance, a cavity or fluoride treatment. Removing a cavity is a simple procedure, but if the child has damage to a permanent tooth, then a root canal might be necessary. Dentistry today is nearly painless, but the healing process for a root canal may take a tiny bit longer.


If your child needs braces, his orthodontist could prescribe an extraction from overcrowding teeth. Your child’s regular dentist will perform the extraction. This isn’t a difficult procedure, but the summer vacation days that allow gums to heal and recuperate before school begins are great. Your child is more comfortable and a follow-up appointment can be made if necessary.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many high school and college kids spend their winter break getting their wisdom teeth removed, making Christmas or New Year’s anything but memorable. Having wisdom teeth removed in the summer ensures that the kids can see their dentists or oral surgeons for follow-ups before heading back to school. No time lost, and winter break can be used for having fun, not sipping broth or waiting for swelling to go down!


Most dentists recommend that teeth be professionally cleaned twice a year. It just makes sense to schedule one of those appointments during the summer months. Your child starts school with a nice clean slate and you don’t have to worry about scheduling a second appointment until the winter months. If you plan it just right, your child won’t have to miss school for either appointment. Make an appointment for a checkup and cleaning in July and the second in late December or early January during Christmas vacation. Don’t forget to ask about fluoride treatments.

When Sweets Aren’t Treats

We’re sure that you pack healthy lunches and snacks for your kids to take to school. However, kids will be kids, and like adults, sweet treats are tempting. You can’t be with your kids every minute of the day and even if you were, barring all sweets and treats is unrealistic. Before school starts your dentist can treat your child’s teeth with a sealant that protects them from the assault that an occasional sweet treat leaves. The dentist will paint a plastic-like material that helps to stop bacteria from making its home on molars and bicuspids or from settling between the teeth.

Team or College Physicals

Many sports teams and university health offices require students to have a current physical, to include a dental review.  While you are the dentist, bring any forms for the dentist to sign off on so that your child or teen can have completed medical packets on the first day of school. Be sure to bring a self-addressed stamped envelope in case the dentist isn’t available to sign the form during your visit.

Scheduling a dentist appointment for your child during the summer months is the responsible thing to do for your child and for yourself.  Also, a dentist appointment is pretty quick and requires very little of your summer vacation time. You’ll be glad during the school year that visiting the dentist is one less thing you have to squeeze into your very busy schedule.

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