Dental Technology Advances Will Give You the Smile You’ve Dreamed Of

Dental Technology Advances Will Give You the Smile You’ve Dreamed Of

by Shearly (SU)

Having regular dental checkups is essential. It ensures your teeth remain healthy and strong. These visits also allow your dentist to detect problems even before symptoms appear.

To provide you with the best care possible, Dr. Mark Marion and the team at Marion Smile Center regularly update our methods, using the best dental technological advances available to us. Keeping up with the latest, proven dental techniques and technology allows us to serve you better, and give you the brightest, cavity-free smile you deserve.

High-Resolution Microscopes

To determine the type of bacteria currently inhabiting your mouth, we have a high-resolution microscope that identifies the bacteria based on shape and speed of movement. Typically, there are three types of bacteria we find: good bacteria, bad bacteria that cause gum disease, and harmful bacteria that cause cavities. Through this microscope, we can quickly assess the treatment you’ll need, depending on the bacteria found in your mouth.

High dental Resolution Microscopes - Zelienople dentist

Intraoral Dental Cameras

We make use of small cameras that take high-resolution photos to record the condition of your gums and teeth. Similar to the microscope, this technology allows us to show you the current state of your mouth and determine whether treatment is needed. Through this instrument, you’ll see firsthand if there are cavities or underlying gum problems that haven’t been noticed previously.

Intraoral Dental Cameras - Zelienople dentist

Digital X-Rays

We value patient safety, so we rely on digital radiographs that allow us to examine an area of the mouth while exposing our patients to significantly less radiation. Our dentists are able to enhance the image digitally on a computer screen for better visualization, allowing us to find and treat cavities and gum disease at an earlier stage.

dental xrays - cavity x-rays - Zelienople dentist

Periodontal Disease Testing

For our patients with gingivitis or periodontal disease, we use a simple oral rinse collection test. This test informs us of the specific type and level of bacteria in your mouth that causes gum disease and may threaten your systemic health. Being able to pinpoint the problem ensures we can most appropriately treat the disease.

periodontal disease - gum disease - Zelienople dentist

Transilluminater Light

This small fiber optic light shines and illuminates your teeth to help detect cavities and small cracks needing treatment before they worsen and cause significant problems. It works as an early detecting device designed to see minor issues in your mouth before they develop into major problems and affect your oral health.

Zelienople dentist - dental transilluminater light

Oral Cancer Screening Light

To screen for oral cancer, we use special light that uses fluorescence for optical-based technology. The blue light, when focused in your mouth and throat can help identify oral cancer and other abnormal lesions at an earlier stage, thus saving lives.

oral cancer light - dentist - marion smile center

Start Now and Schedule an Appointment

These are just some of the technological advances we employ in our dental clinic to maximize our customer service and personal care. These methods are designed to help you detect problems before they arise or worsen and are available to every patient we see.

Prevent dental problems before they arise – schedule an appointment with us today and begin taking better care of your oral health! You’ll receive the advantage of dental technology advances that provide brighter, better smiles than ever before.

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