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Your Dentist Does More than Just Clean Your Teeth: Oral Cancer

Your Dentist Does More than Just Clean Your Teeth: Oral Cancer

by Shearly (SU)
Many of us fail understand the importance of twice-yearly dental checkups, because of this an increasing number of people have reduced the rates of seeing a dentist to just once a year or completely forgo these check-ups. What we don’t realize is that your dentist does more than just clean your teeth. Along with checking for problems of the bones and gums, your dentist also performs screenings for Oral Cancer.

Dentistry for the Mature Mouth

by Chelimar Miranda (SU)
The number of aging patients at dental offices has risen in recent years. At the same time, seniors are keeping their natural teeth longer and fewer patients are in need of dentures. The senior population continues to grow as baby boomers reach the age of retirement, and dental professionals are adapting their practices to meet the needs of adults in their golden years.

Smiles for Life: Whiten Your Smile and Help a Child

by Simone Bueno (SU)
There are things in life we take for granted, but we have to remember that there are people in this world who are struggling. Think about it: If we all stopped for a moment and looked around us, we would find endless things we have that others are not as fortunate to have. Do you like to help others? If you do, just imagine seeing the joy on children’s faces and giving them a reason to smile again.