New Year, New Smile!

New Year, New Smile!

by Olivia Pryor (SU)

Has the New Year given you a renewed sense of enthusiasm to work on becoming a better version of yourself? If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, crowns and veneers are two excellent solutions for changing discolored or damaged teeth as well as unflattering gaps between your teeth.

While both crowns and veneers are effective, there are significant differences between them that you should consider before you and Dr. Marion decide which one is more suitable for you. At Marion Smile Center, we offer high-quality dental crowns and veneers to help you achieve a picture-perfect smile. Here is a quick guide to make it easy for you to learn the difference.

Dental Crowns 

A dental crown is a lab-created cap that’s about 2 mm in thickness and designed to cover the entire tooth, concealing damages or gaps while restoring appearance, function, and strength. At Marion Smile Center, we typically use Zirconia crowns for molars and Emax crowns for front teeth—materials known for their beauty, durability, and strength.

Dr. Marion will shape your existing tooth to prepare for the placement of the crown. He will numb the surrounding tissues for your comfort. If you have cavities, he will remove the decay and possibly build your tooth up with bonding material if necessary before making the crown.

When is a Dental Crown Recommended?   

Dr. Marion will usually recommend a crown instead of a veneer when you have fundamental tooth problems, such as tooth fractures or when root canal treatment is required. Since a crown is designed to encapsulate the entire tooth, it keeps the tooth intact and protects it from further damage that might result in the tooth having to be extracted. After placement, the crown acts as the new surface for your tooth.

Dr. Marion will also recommend a dental crown instead of a dental veneer for the following purposes:

  • To restore length for teeth that have been damaged from grinding
  • To restore a broken or damaged tooth to the extent that a filling will no longer restore its function
  • To hold bridges in place

Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is a thin, artificial covering that is attached to the front surface of your natural tooth, aimed at concealing discoloration and other superficial issues. At Marion Smile Center, we use Emax veneers, which are crafted from high-quality lithium disilicate and can be customized for each of our patients.


Unlike a crown, a veneer requires a less invasive procedure and leaves more of your original tooth structure intact. Dr. Marion will shape the front of your tooth to get the surface ready for the placement of the veneer.

When is a Dental Veneer Recommended?

Dr. Marion will usually recommend a dental veneer if your dental issues are relatively minor and aesthetic in nature. Veneers are a great solution if you have smaller-than-average teeth, bad stains, slight cracks, slight gaps between the teeth, or alignment issues.

The Placement Process for Crowns and Veneers

For both crowns and veneers, the placement process is the same, usually taking 2 appointments about 2-3 weeks apart.  Dr. Marion will make an impression of your teeth using our digital scanner and email it to our dental lab. He will place a temporary crown or veneer over the tooth until the final crown or veneer is prepared. Once ready, Dr. Marion will place the final veneer using a special bonding agent and harden it using a special light.

You can expect minimal movement of your tooth after the veneer is in place. The doctor may recommend a night guard to protect the veneer if you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth at night.

High-Quality Dental Veneers and Crowns in the Northern Pittsburgh Area, PA

At Marion Smile Center, we are the leading provider of exceptional-quality crowns and veneers in Zelienople and Harmony, PA. Still can’t make up your mind? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark A. Marion. He will evaluate your dental condition to determine which option you’re a good candidate for. He is one of Pittsburgh’s top dentists, so you’re definitely in good hands.  Dr. Marion has appeared in Pittsburgh Magazine for 9 consecutive years as one of Pittsburgh’s Top Dentists and Top Cosmetic Dentists.

If you are looking for an estimate, call us (724) 452-4300 to schedule an appointment or by using our convenient online form. We accept CareCredit and have payment plans available. We look forward to giving you the smile you will be proud of for years to come!