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Use It or Lose It: Maximize Your Dental Insurance

Use It or Lose It: Maximize Your Dental Insurance

by Alex Hirsch (SU)
As the year is coming to a close, it’s time to make sure you’re not wasting away your health benefits – for example, have you used all of your dental benefits?

How do your medical benefits work?

How do your medical benefits work?

by Natalie (SU)
According to the National Association of Dental Plans, 249.1 million Americans (77% of the population) were signed up for dental benefits in 2016. There are two main ways to get those pearly whites covered; according to, you can either enroll in a health plan (90% of those with private dental coverage do so through their place of employment), or choose to purchase your own plan.

Use It or Lose: The Benefits of Scheduling Your Dental Appointments in December

Use It or Lose: The Benefits of Scheduling Your Dental Appointments in December

by Natalie (SU)
It’s the Most Wonderful (and Important) Time of the Year to Schedule a Dental Appointment Don’t be left with a lump of coal this holiday. If you’re like many Americans, you’ve enrolled in a PPO, indemnity plan, or HMO through your employer. According to CBS News, 64% of Americans take the responsible step to enroll in a dental insurance plan; however, only 2 to 4% of those people will utilize their full yearly maximum allowance, where benefits and deductibles will often reset after December.

Smiles for Life: Whiten Your Smile and Help a Child

by Simone Bueno (SU)
There are things in life we take for granted, but we have to remember that there are people in this world who are struggling. Think about it: If we all stopped for a moment and looked around us, we would find endless things we have that others are not as fortunate to have. Do you like to help others? If you do, just imagine seeing the joy on children’s faces and giving them a reason to smile again.


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